This inaugural position will work with the MBTA Executive Director and board to execute a New Direction for MBTA, focusing on supporting and advocating for mountain biking clubs and the sector overall on issues affecting the viability and competitiveness of the sector. The individual will be the “lead advocate” of mountain biking communities in BC, promoting its responsible development and management.

Funding is currently in place for one year of this two-year contract, and the successful candidate will work with the MBTA Executive Director and board to identify additional funding opportunities to sustain this position for the second year and into the future.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Systematically gather and synthesize information from mountain biking clubs in BC on their issues, priorities, and needs from MBTA through surveys, meetings, phone calls, and other means;
  • Develop and implement guidelines for how and when MBTA engages in local advocacy issues
  • Develop and promote resources and tools for clubs to assist with working with local organizations such as First Nations, forestry licensees, municipal governments, and other¬†stakeholders;
  • Represent the mountain biking sector in key provincial initiatives related to outdoor recreation/mountain biking policy, development, and management; and
  • Grow and manage an advocacy budget to sustain the MBTA advocacy position into the future.

Skills and Qualifications

The successful candidate will possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • A self-starter with a proven track record of leading successful multi-stakeholder initiatives in complex political environments;
  • Detailed understanding of foundational mountain biking policy, including land use planning, section 56 and section 57 application processes (Forest and Range Practices Act), BC Mountain Bike Policy,¬†Provincial Trails Strategy, and other relevant statutes;
  • Exemplary written and oral communications skills, including presentations to stakeholders, governments, and the public;
  • At least five (5) years of combined experience working in mountain biking planning (similar outdoor recreation planning may be considered), representing a club, community organization, and/or government(s);
  • Respect and recognition of Indigenous community self-governance, title and rights, and successful referral processes;
  • University degree or equivalent in a related discipline.
  • Additional qualifications seen to be an asset:
    • Adept at social media management (Facebook and Instagram)
    • Fundraising/grant writing experience

Compensation is set at approximately $65,000 per year (2-year contract) and will be based in part on the skills and qualifications of the successful candidate. Additional compensation may be possible, pending success of grant writing and project development.

To apply please send a one-page Expression of Interest to Martin Littlejohn, MBTA Executive Director ( on how your qualifications will help you fulfill the roles and responsibilities of this important, first-ever position advocating for BC Mountain Biking communities.

Applications will be accepted until February 10, 2023